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About Me

I am Dawn Craig the indie dyer behind Fairy Tale Knits.  I am a homeschooling mom of four.  I’m also a total geek.  My favorite animals are dragons. (Don’t tell me they aren’t real!) I love all things fantasy and sci-fi.  I’m into quirky mystery shows like Monk and Psych. 

I started dyeing yarn for a KAL I was doing with friends.  I couldn’t find the purple shade I wanted so I bought some undyed yarn and dyed it myself. That was about 10 years ago and I haven’t finished that shawl, but I also haven’t stopped dyeing.

My desire with my dyeing is to bring a sense of whimsy and playfulness to your projects.  I want my colorways to inspire the magical fun of your imagination, bringing out that fun-loving child inside.

Most of my colorways are tie dyed.  This means the colors are applied in layers, with different parts of the yarn restricted in each layer so it doesn’t absorb the dye. The color repeats in tie dyeing are short and more random and will vary throughout the hank of yarn and even within the same dye lot.  What this means for your projects is they are less likely to pool and there are more colors because of the overlapping as the dye is applied.

Kettle dyeing is the second method I use.  Kettle dyeing creates longer sections of color.  Sometimes the color is applied in a pattern and sometimes it’s random.  The sections of color are more distinct.  Kettle dyeing has the potential to pool in spots creating a unique masterpiece.

I also speckle dye yarn.  It’s a fun method where dry dye powder is applied directly to wet yarn.  The size of the sections will vary based on the colorway.  Many have large sections of undyed yarn.  This means that most speckle dyed yarn will give you pops of color throughout your project.  

I love to see what people make with the yarn they purchase, so be sure to share and use the hashtag #FairyTaleKnits.

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